Year of production: 2018

Running Time: 2:51 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

Take a cinematic journey into the world of mangroves; a unique ecosystem that exists at the edge of the land and water. Filmed on the East coast of Australia, this beautiful environment acts as a natural haven for an array of wildlife, including fish, birds, oysters and thousands of crabs. Many coastal and ocean-dwelling creatures will rely on mangroves at some point during their life-cycle, and the survival of these forests is of critical importance to them and the food-webs they are a part of.


Improving water quality in coastal areas is just one of the qualities that makes mangroves so invaluable. As water runs off the land into the ocean, pollutants such as pesticides, agricultural fertilisers and heavy metals can become captured in the sediments residing around mangroves. There, they can either remain trapped or be broken down by microorganisms. With the aerial roots of mangroves stabilising sediments, erosion and the release of pollutants into coastal waters is reduced. Thus, with the effects of pollutants being buffered by mangroves, the health of other coastal ecosystems can endure.